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    Connection interrupt causes software crash


      Since the latest release of Slingplayer for iOS I do have problems with both the iPhone and iPad version.

      In case of a short connection interrupt the app does not reconnect anymore, but does shut down instead /

      crashes. This happens on both my iPhone 4S (iOS 5.1.1) as well as on my iPad 2 (Wifi / 3G – iOS 5.1.1).


      On both devices I have tried whether a re-installation of the Slingplayer app would solve the problem, but

      unfortunately it didn’t.


      What should I do to get the Slingplayer app working properly again ?

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          Lynsey Newbie

          Hi nlrela,


          I hope this issue has been resolved as we have had a recent update to the applications since this post to iron out any kinks. However, if this issue is still present then you will want to make sure that your Apple products are up to date as well as the applications. Please see the link below to further assist you with the compatibility of your mobile devices.



          I hope this helps!


          Thank You,

          Sling Media Moderation Team