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    slingbox pro hd cannot be connected to after W7 Pro reinstall


      I have a slingbox pro HD on a gig ethernet (wired) network.  Had to do a new install of Windows 7 Professional, all updates applied through today.  Slingbox worked fine before reinstall, now cannot connect to the 'box.  'box can be reached by other devices on the network, both windows and Android client, just fine.


      Have turned off both Windows firewall and security package (NOD32) and get the same results.  Can ping the 'box just fine.  Neither setup, nor the web client (Firefox & IE), nor the standalone client will talk to the box.  Both lights are on steady on the 'box.  Have power cycled the box.  The red "hump" lights never go on when trying from this PC.


      Since the other devices can see the box and work I think it's something on this reinstalled Windows PC but I don't know what else to try.  Help?