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    Sudden wrong remote image for Phillips DSR704 DirecTV Tivo


      I've had a Phillips DSR704 standard def DirecTV Tivo on my Slingbox Pro since the month that model came out.   All of a sudden this morning, one button on the remote has changed and it now has a "Window" button where the button used to be that brought up the pre-recorded "Now Playing" list for the DVR.   (See the attached partial screenshot of the "peanut" style remote sowing the "Window" button where the Now Playing List button has been for years).


      This is a huge pain, because there is now no direct way to bring up the recorded programs list.   I can only get there by going through menus.


      I tried resetting and reconfiguring this input for my SlingBox 5 times.   Nothing changed.  I'm at a loss of how to get the correct remote back.   (I have a full backup of the main computer from which I usually watch the Slingbox, so if the path to the old remote is known and there is anyway to force that into the SlingBox Pro's configuration, I could try to reload it from the backup and then somehow use it as "custom".


      When I first set this up years ago, SlingPlayer used to have an option to choose the correct remote from several variants of the "peanut" DirecTV remotes shipped with different Phillips devices.  But the current SlingPlayer's "setup" wizard has dropped that option.


      The SlingMedia web site says the site's "Setup Wizard" works for the DSR704, but the instructions it gives just says select "Phillips" as the manufacturer and then select "the correct model".  But the DSR704 is no longer listed in the available models list.


      Does anyone know how to get the old Phillips DSR704 correctly configured again in SlingPlayer?   Does anyone know how to get to the correct alternate form of the DirecTV Philllips Tivo "peanut" remote?   Or what file I should reload from my my PC's backup and how to use this when reconfiguring the SlingBox's video input?


      Thanks for any advice anyone can offer.