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    Missing Channels Post-DSO


      I have recently noticed that my Slingbox Classic cannot receive ITV3, 5*, QVC (and some other channels). It used to receive them and I believe it lost them since the Digital Switchover.  I live in the Wimbledon area (served by the Crystal Palace transmitter). I have re-tuned my Slingbox countless times to try and get these channels back.  My TV and PVR have no problems receiving them. Any help on a solution would be much appreciated. 

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          Lynsey Newbie

          Hi Slinger95,


          I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. If this issue is still present then what I would advise you to do at this time is a hard reset and a reconfiguration on your Singbox. This can be done by holding your reset button down on the back of your Slingbox for 30 seconds. Once you have a solid network and power light then you will need to go to setup.slingbox.com to reconfigure your Slingbox while on your home network.


          If this issue has already been resolved, please disregard this reply.


          Thank you,

          Sling Media Moderation Team

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              Thank you, however your suggestion did not help.


              In fact, the situation is worse because my Slingbox can now no longer receive any channels via its antenna.


              When my Slingbox is scanning for channels,  it hangs and then restarts. I have been reading  posts on this forum and unfortunately, this now seems to be a common problem for the Slingbox Classic.


              To remedy this, I have so far  tried -

                        (i)       Pulling the aerial out mid-scan until the scan passes the freeze point, then

                                 putting it back in to pick up stations from the remaining multiplexes.

                        (ii)      Using an adjustable attenuator.


              Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.