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    Won't connect with 3G


      My slingplayer mobile won't connect via 3G.  I've tried all over the city here in Denver.  It is not a configuration issue as I am able to connect via 4G or WiFi outside of my home network.  The app says "connecting" then "starting" but never any further.


      I've tested my connection speeds over 3G each time I tried to connect and they were between 200kbps and 500kbps.


      What can I post to help you debug this problem and get it fixed?  I'm seeing more and more posts related to Android 3G not working for people...and for a $30 app that's not really a good thing.


      (Epic 4G, Android 2.3.6 - EL30, latest Slingplayer from Play - v1.3, Slingbox Solo)