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    No Video Signal with Motorola DCT2524 Cable Box


      When attempting to configure my Slingbox PRO with my Motorola DCT2524 cable box, I cannot get the Slingbox PRO to see a video signal using either the coaxial input as an "External Box" or the composite input, but the Sling remote on my Windows 7 PC changes channels on the cable box without problem.


      If I configure the Slingbox PRO to use the coaxial input as "Analog Cable" with the cable connected to the coaxial out of the DCT2524, the Slingbox PRO sees the cable box output on channel 4.  But then I'm stuck watching whatever channel the cable box is on -- there's no way to change the channel the cable box is on through the Sling remote.


      What do I need to do to get the Slingbox PRO configured to get video when configuring the Slingbox PRO to use the DCT2524 as an External Box?