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    My slingbox resests to "unconfigured" every couple of days


      I have a slingbox proHD, and it resets literally every 2-3 days to where I can not watch it without getting back on the home network and going through the entire configuration process each time (I can log in from computers outside the home network, and it just says that the slingbox has never been set up; on the home network, the slingbox shows up with the configured name but says "unconfigured" beneith it).  This has been happening for months with increasing frequency (when I first got the slingbox about a year ago it happened about once a month).  It says all my software is up-to-date, but I'm thinking this has to be a firmware issue or something - is anyone else having this problem, or does anyone have any solutions?  If not does anyone know how to contact slingbox support directly?  I can't seem to find a link to contact or call slingbox to see if they have a solution.  Thanks in advance!