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    Replaced sling box; need to reload sling player?


      I just replaced my sling box and have it setup with my TIVO and everything is fine from a PC connection. But, when logged in via iPad 2 sling player - I cannot access my TIVO and the DVD options/menus no longer exist.  Looking for assistance to correct this please.


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          Hello crewhughes,

          Thanks for reaching out to us in the land of the forums.  When a replacement Slingbox is sent out, as you can see it will need to be set up again.  It is possible that the Internet Viewing has not been completely set back up.  This link below, will help help cover a lot of territory in regard to getting it set back up.


          The most frequently asked Internet Viewing questions



          Hope this helps!


          The Slingbox Moderation Team.

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              I needed to chime in here too, because I too have the same issue. I installed a new PRO-HD, and connected it to my TiVo Premiere. When I watch it from SlingPlayer PC or Web, the correct remote comes up. However, when I use SlingPlayer iPad, the Series 2 remote comes up, and I can't press the TiVo or keypad buttons (although I can control play functions). I have reinstalled SlingPlayer already, and I also know that my Internet settings are correct (I have 3 other SlingBoxes and they work). I don't think Internet settings are the answer, I need to change the iPad remote. Please answer our questions, as I don't think the first response about the Internet configuration goes far enough.

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                  I went in to try to reset the remote selection this morning. I changed the type of TiVo box from Premiere to Series 3 (output 1), and lo and behold I was able to get a remote on the iPad which worked. It appears that Sling has a bug in the software where Premiere boxes are involved. Of course, no one will do anything about it, but at least I now have things working.


                  Now, when I get the power supply I ordered yesterday for my Solo to replace yet another bad power supply, all 4 of my Slingboxes will be back online.