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    Network light on, but no connection to slingbox pro


      Hi guys,


      my slingbox pro works for 4 years without problems. Further i have to say, i don´t use the box the last 3 month. 3 weeks before, i have switch the router. Now i have an airport extreme router. The problems is now, that the sling player software not find the slingbox. Also the browser plugin on setup.slingbox.com doesn´t find the box.


      I have reset the slingbox and the slingbox network light is on - so i think ist ok - but i have no answer for the box.


      I even don´t know, which private ip the slingbox has get from the router with dhcp. Network scan tools can´t recognize that there is any slingbox in my network. What can i do?

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          Klaus0406 Newbie

          whenever you change the router in your home network, it is recommended to go through the setup of the slingbox all over again. after hard resetting the slingbox, you should be able to see the power and network led solid on. but this is not the end of the exercise. you will have to rerun the setup configuration to configure the box again. this will ensure that the box is programmed correctly to work in the ip address range of your new router, and also enable remote viewing for your client devices