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    Convert custom remote code LRZ file to BIN file


      Not sure why but Slingmedia just shuitdown the remote.slingbox.com web-site to allow for creating and loading your custom remote into a e.g. slingbox hd-pro which has the capability to point and learn a remote control.  I have created my working LRZ file with this tool for a Humax HD-Nano satellite receiver  which just broke down and has been exchanged for a new receiver. Now I tried to load the  LRZ file back into this receiver , but.... the site is not available anymore . Called Slingmedia and they either did not know that this ever exisited or others had no info when/whether  this might come back.  In the meantime I am llooking for a way to convert my LRZ file intop a BIN file which I then can load using the standard old school JP1 method which is described in this forum.  Has or can someone convert an exisiting LRZ file into a BIN file ?  Any help highly appreciated !  Thanks in advance  !

      PS  My LRZ file is attached to this post