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    Poor quality on iPad but plays perfect on laptop


      Myself and 5 other people I know of are all having the same problem where the sling player for the iPad always buffers even on sq quality but when we play it on a laptop or computer it will play on the best quality for hours without buffering. Our upload speeds for where the sligboxes are located are between 6-10 Mbps and are download speeds where we are playing them range from 5-18mbps. Also to note that when we are trying to use the sling player on a network it is the only device on the network it not being used through a hotel or shared network. Apart from our holiday home I have tried it in many locations around the world with the same problem, I have also tried using my other broadband line for the slingbox solo with the same results. On the iPad I have 3 sometimes 4 green dots and the speed is telling me over 2500kbs. It seems like there is some fault with the slingplayer app and requires an update, as there are quite a few people on this forum with this problem. At the moment it looks like £20 down the drain