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    Why no OSX 10.8 support


      Why no OSX 10.8 support.


      Why have a check on what OS version the user is using when installing the plugin?
      Just write: "This OS version have not been tested and it may not work", but let the users install the plugin into Safari 6/Firefox/Chrome. If the installation was allowed its 99.9% that it would work.

      That means that its just a text string that hinders people from using Slingbox with 10.8.


      Since OSX 10.8 is alsmost Golden master, and just 1 month before release, shouldnt Slingbox have a player for 10.8? The beta version have been out for 9 month.

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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          I agree with these sentiments.


          Also, I can confirm the plugin works fine if you have upgraded from 10.7 to 10.8 (and have the plugin previously installed and working under 10.7) if you spoof the user agent string as follows:


          1. Launch Safari 6.0 in OS X 10.8

          2. Go to watch.slingbox.com

          3. Wait for the error message about the wrong browser/OS

          4. Choose Safari 'Preferences'

          5. Choose 'Advanced'

          6. Enable 'Show Develop menu in menu bar'

          7. Close Preferences

          8. Choose 'Develop' and then 'User Agent' and then 'Other' (at the bottom)

          9. In the box that appears, edit the "10_8" to "10_7" and the "6.0 Safari" to "5.0 Safari"

          10. Click Ok, and let it reload the page.


          Voila, you should be in.


          This will change the info sent to Sling for this page only (so don't worry about breaking anything) and make it think you're using an older OS and browser.


          Hopefully Sling will sort this prior to the official release of 10.8 (I have installed the developer GM version) but if not here's your ugly workaround folks.


          EDIT : I found another way which might suit people more - if you bookmark the URL that makes the video play in a pop-up window, then it seems to avoid the check altogether:




          Assuming you are already signed-in and have previously watched the Slingbox then this should take you right there, though you'll probably need to go through the above steps if you want to access a different Slingbox (if you have more than one) or do anything other than basic watching.

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            I went to check to see if there was an update for the plugin and long and behold there was. I installed it and it's working so far. Thanks for such a quick response, this is what I call great customer support.

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                interinmente Newbie

                I am still using Slingbox Classic and Slingbox Pro (not HD). The Slingplayer standalone App will not work under iOS 10.8 Mountain Lion?

                If not how can I watch them since they are not compatible under Browser plugin?

                Please any workaround? Sling already said that they will not support anymore the standalone version of Slingplayer


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                should not be this hard to use their product...


                support it or don't... but it seems their always playing catchup.

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                  barbaraharwood Newbie

                  Hi shompa and friends,


                  The day has arrived!   We are now supporting MAC OS 10.8 Mountain Lion!  Thanks for being patient with us.


                  Please check out the great information on the following link: What browsers and systems are supported by Watch on Slingbox.com?.


                  Hope this makes your day a little brighter.


                  Have a great day!

                  Sling Moderation Team

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                    I have a slingbox tuner that works perfectly fine with Mac OSX Lion. Now that I have upgraded to Mountain Lion, you are trying to force me to purchase a new slingbox because now you don't support my "older slingbox". Well, all I can say is If I purchase anything "New" it won't be a slingbox. It will be a Monsoon Vulkano. Thanks for not supporting your products.