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    Sling box solo and dish remote access


      Anybody use dish online or dish remote access app with sling box solo?  Are the two compatible?

      I bought my solo about 2.5 years ago and it worked great with sling software and dish software.  We moved recently and tech installed new receiver (VIP 722 to VIP 722 k).  It is hooked up same way and still works with sling software (once I updated with different remote), but dish app or online does not recognize sling box anymore.  Spoke with dish and they say the two are not compatible and never have been, but it worked fine until the move and new receiver.  Any thoughts are appreciated...

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          Hello geokriz16,


          This is a great question! Below I have provided a link that will help explain the differences between Dish Remote Access and the Slingbox Solo.


          Sling Accounts and DISH Remote Access accounts: what's the difference?


          If you have any further questions, we are more than happy to help!


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              Fair response but it didn't address the original issue, which I am now experiencing as well.  For some time one could add a Slingbox Solo as the Sling Device associated with a Dish Receiver in the DISH Remote Access Account settings.  When the user wanted to add a Slingbox to the Dish Account the Dish webpage requested a Slingbox login and the user would specify which Slingbox was associated with each Dish receiver.  Now selecting "Connect a Sling Adaptor"  in the configuration page redirects to an advertisment for the Dish Sling Adapter.


              My Slingbox Solo worked great with both the DISH-online viewer and the DISH Remote Access Mobile apps for a couple years, now it won't work without purchasing a couple more full price mobile apps since I can't transfer the license from my Windows Pocket PC!


              Is there some way to put this capability in place again?