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    Multiple Slingboxes on Multiple Networks




      I work for a company that uses the slingboxes to monitor their video product. They have many slingboxes over many different subnets monitoring traffic. Is there a way or could there be a way to either manually add each IP or sling player by importing a csv or text list so that we can view the list as a whole in the webplayer? I realize this is beyond the typical use for slingbox but from a business prospective this makes sense to our corporation as the product fills a need. However there is limitation to the software side that is not fullfilled.


      As an alternative is there webcode available should we want to create a custom website using the plugin to have direct links to each slingbox?





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          I vote for this, too.  We have almost 90 slingboxes installed in the field, and the web app won't let me access more than, what, 25 of them?  I'm forced to use the old desktop app because the web app won't grant me access to all of our units.


          And I'm still looking for any way to bypass the in-app menus and just launch a shortcut to go straight to a specific slingbox.