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    Slingbox Problem


      I have a Slingbox Pro HD that is a few years old.  I had to unplug it and when I plugged it back in it seems to have a problem now.

      After unplugging and replugging back in I see this:

      1. The power light is solid.  

      2. After a few seconds the logo lights up and then dims out.

      3. The network light never lights up.

      The power remains solid at this point.


      I have also tried to press the reset button (holding for 5 seconds).  When I do that I see this:

      1. The power light is solid.

      2. The network light blinks twice.

      3. The logo blinks three times.

      4. At the same time the logo is blinking, the network light blinks 2 more times.

      Then the power light remains solid.

      The network light and the logo remain unlit at this point.


      Any help?



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          Is there more information I can give to help with this problem?


          Seems like the biggest piece is when I plug it in, the power light is lit, then the network light blinks twice and then the logo lights up, gets brighter in stages and then dims in stages until it goes out.  Then the only thing I have lit is the power light.


          That has to be some kind of indicator, right?


          Thanks for any info on what I can do to fix this.


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            jesse.sling Novice

            Hey supps, I just wanted to remind you that you will have to reconfigure your Slingbox when you receive the new one. Let us know how it goes!


            Best regards,
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                OK, new power supply came and now it is working just fine.


                I am VERY frustrated I have now had to buy two power supplies, 1 for the pro HD and one for the catcher, but I am happy it is working again. Especially since the power supply seems to have a known problem!