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    No audio TV channels




      I'm trying to stream from Spain but some of the Tv channels tuned from the internal pro-hd tuner have video but not audio. I think it should be a troubleshooting since the coaxial Input seem not fine but is strange because the sound signal "flows" towards Tv but is not sended through internet. In Spain air free channels (TDT) are packed in groups (around 5 channels including TV and radio) and each group in sent in a different frequence. I though maybe some were difficult to be tuned by the slingbox but it doen't matter, in the same group (frequence) some have audio and some not. Usually when a frequence is weak or not working all the group. It neither depends if they are radio, tv or hd-tv.


      anybody is using it from Spain? does it work properly?



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          barbaraharwood Newbie

          Hi tonigaza,


          Thank you for contacting Slingbox Forum.  I am sorry you are having audio problems with your Slingbox in Spain. I would suggest replacing the coax cables to see if they may be defective thus causing the audio issue.


          In order to get further assistance, please consult the following link: Contact Sling Media Support  . If you are in Spain you can call (091) 375 4529.  They may be able to better assist you being familiar with TV in Spain.


          Hope this helps with your issue!


          Have a great day!

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              I am having exactly the same problems as the ones stated by tonigaza, some channels don't have any audio. This is not a problem of cabling, if the coaxial cable was not good I would not be getting a perfect video with no audio.





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                This phone number from Madrid is NOT working. After 4 months of not solving ANYTHING (they even made change something in the router to have full access to the slingbox..)  they told me to send the slingbox back and of course I didn't want any other slingbox after this awful experience so I asked for the monet back. After three weeks and two mails with no answer I'm still with no money and no slingbox anymore. This is so DISGRACEFUL.