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      Slingbox PRO-HD worked great for a month. Now it will not stay powered up. Power button & little upside down U light come on when first plugged in, but then they gradually fade out, so then no power. What do we do?

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          shawna1978 Newbie

          Hello technologies,


             Thank you for participating in the Slingbox Answers Forum. I am sorry to hear that you are expieriening a power issue with your SLingbox. Please give us a call here at 877-467-5464 and someone here will be happy to assist you with this.



          Hope this helps,


          Sling Moderation Team

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            same issue after 3 months.  Did you find a solution?

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              me too... no power anymore.... cheep china made pos psu......

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                Have same problem, power LED lights up when connected, and fade out again. Smell of burned electronics from unit. Any idea ?

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                    Make sure to contact them by phone.   The routine looks to be them first sending a replacement power adapter to see if that remedies the problem and if not then they'll send a replacement unit to be swapped with your bad one.   I also had the burning smell but had to accept the longer time it took to first try their replacement adaptor (even though a new power source shouldn't be a fix for a burned component/clad).   Took a couple weeks till the replacement unit finally arrived and now it works as new. 


                    But I am dreading what will happen after this replacement operates for 3 months too.  Alot of comments here say their replacement failed after three months, just as their original did - like mine.

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                      shaysfn Novice

                      Hey Giltrup,


                      Thanks for using our Answers forum.  I understand that your lights on the front of your Slingbox would fade out, and now you have the smell of burning electronics.  Please make sure that your Slingbox is unplugged.


                      I have a link on How to contact Sling Media Support .  In the US you can call 877-GoSling (877-467-5464) our representatives will be more than happy to assist you with this.


                      Hope this helps


                      Thank you.


                      Sling Moderation Team

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                          Dear Sling Moderation Team,


                          This is the Slingbox user from Hong Kong.  I'm experiencing the same power problem with my PRO-HD purchased in H.K. as the many others.


                          The original power adaptor which came from the box was "Ktec AC adaptor : Model : KSAFF0500400W1UV-1, Input : 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.8A, Output : 5.0V (4.0A)" with the covertor plug for H.K. use.


                          In fact, I just found out, the power piece is labeled "ticked" for "Slingbox SOLO, SlingCatcher" but "crossed" for "Tuner, Classic, PRO, AV".  Is that meant it also good for my PRO-HD ?  According to my past experience on the Slingbox since the Classic, SOLO & PRO-HD, understood that there is always the power adaptor failure, therefore, I always keeping a spare adaptor from the H.K. agency in hand for anytime replacement.


                          At this moment, I'm using my spare adaptor is "Model : SYS1298-1506-W3U, Part No. : SYS1298-1506, Input : 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 1.0A, Output : +6.0V (2.5A), Output Power : 15W max."  Please comments this piece is good for my PRO-HD or not.


                          Due to my Slingbox collection from "Classic, SOLO & PRO-HD" are all still using, please advise the corrected power adaptor supply for all different models for reference.


                          Thank you and waiting for your earliest reply.







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                        Hey the same happened to me, the problem is that I'm living in Mexico City, how can i reach you the solve the problem? Thanx

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                          I've had my slingbox pro hd since mid April.  It's worked well until the past couple of weeks and now I'm having the same issues.  While my wife and I were on vacation I tried to access it and it wouldn't connect.  When I got home I noticed that the unit wasn't powered up even though it was still plugged in.  I disconnected the power and then plugged it in and the power light comes on, the network light blinks dimly, and after about 5-10 seconds it loses power.  Very frustrating to say the least!  I love this thing!  Does anyone know the solution?? 

                          • Fundamental parts is bad?  why do so many machines two months and death

                            Slingbox PRO HD in April to buy three, within two months of death, the power light is off, there is a burning smell,  I have many friends also encountered the same problem, this machine has avery large number of defective products, it is recommended that this product should be completely off-the-shelf tests to ensure the quality of the market

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                              Same here, my Slingbox Pro HD was dead after 7 weeks. It has been 3 days and I still haven't had any lucks to get through a customer support by phone. 

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                                Same here.  It worked fine for a month and a half and now it will not stay on....



                                I guess I 'd better line up the call.



                                I like the concept but not the hardware problems...






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                                  How did everyone make out? I purchased mine in 2012 as well but didn't notice the issue until last year sometime. Tried a replacement power supply but didn't fix it.