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    Black borders in israel HOT

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      I've used my slingbox m2 for 2 months now with a component cable on HOT cable box from Israel.

      The image has black borders on the sides and bottom.

      I tried adjusting the image settings on my cable box. I have 3 options: 16:9, 4:3 and 4:3 letterbox.

      I get the best image on 16:9.

      I tried adjusting the image settings on my slingplayer. Zoom is too large so i cant use it.

      But even when i use zoom the image is zooming but the border stays the same.

      I also tried to strech the image with a border marker in my cable box settings and when I need to move the marker to the top left or bottom right edge of the screen it disappears in the black border and not in my actual screen border.

      It happens in every platform i tried. Android and windows. Multiple devices.

      Please help me it drives me crazy.

      If i use the hdmi ouput and an hdmi-component adapter will it be any different? I can buy an adapter but I want to knoe if this is the problem.