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    Cannot conect to Slingbox classic on internet. Poor internet quality



      I have a slingbox classic  located in Romania. Everything worked fine till one week ago. I am  accesing the slingbox from Panama. I have a 5MB download and 2MB upload  internet speed. In Romania we have 15MB download and 5MB upload speed.  So the problem is that I cannot access my slingbox anymore. It always  comes up this message "We detected very poor Internet connectivity or a   loss of Internet connection. Please verify that your Internet   connectivity is working fine before retrying. Do you want to retry?" but  my internet it is working fine. I did a speed test and it is ok. I  tried all my computers in the network I unpluged the router and  connected directly to the modem and I have the same issue. I do not  understand why is that? I was thinking to buy a SOLO but now i am not  sure what to do. If it is not working here. Please help!