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    W200 Error - Will Not Connect after shutting down internet for a few hours


      We had new carpet installed, so I simply had to disconnect our modem and router for a few hours. When I reconnected the router and modem I now can not get my Slingbox to connect. Wireless internet is working fine and so is our Ooma phone. Both red lights in the front of the box are "on". There have been no settings changed, etc., thus this makes no sense that it will not connect. I tried turning off the power to the routers followed by the power to the Slingbox and then powered both again and still have W200 Error. There is not any apparent reason that I should have to go through "Set-Up" or "Reset" the unit since I really did not make any changes, but only had the router and modem powered off for a few hours. I would appreciate any thoughts on this matter. Thanks in advance for your help!