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    Cannot Reset my PRO-HD


      I have a Pro-HD, which had been working well for several months. The device just stopped working.  It is now "stuck" with the power and "horseshoe" lights on, and when I push the RESET button, nothing happens.   I tried removing the power connection, but each time it returns to the same "stuck" condition.  Any ideas on how to reset the unit when the reset button doesn't work?

      Thank you!

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          hmiller Newbie

          Did you hold the button down for a while? they say that it resets after 5 seconds of holding it, but my PRO-HD seems to take about 20 seconds before it actually resets.

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              Thank you so much for the suggestion.  Unfortunately, I held the reset button for 1 minute, and there was no change in the light configuration.  Thanks for the suggestion.  Any other thoughts or recommendations?

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                  I am having the same problem -- I hold down reset for 1-2 miuntes and when it 'reboots' the power - network, and led horseshoe stay lit.


                  I can see it was assigned an IP from my routers DHCP.

                  I can see it on the network through the Slingbox setup webpage.

                  If I try to connect to it, I get a message regarding my password is incorrrect -- however, I am able to successsfully setup a new password in my account.

                  I have cycled the power several times (unplugging the power from the PRO-HD box)


                  I haven't changed any hardware or software on my home network -- one day it works, now it does not.


                  Any suggestions?

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                      OK - I finally got things back up and working, but I am not entirely comfortable with the solution.  This is what I did:



                      1 - I also have a SlingCatcher and noticed that the AC transformer on the SlingCatcher has a warning tab affixed to the power connector side stating

                           to only use that transformer on the SlingCatcher and not any other Sling products.


                      2-  I was using the correct transformer on my PRO-HD, however, after flipping BOTH over and looking at the specs, they are identical !


                      3 - I have a filtered power isolator ( fancy surge protector ) and I unplugged everything it, and the circuit in which it resides.  I plugged only

                           my Sling PRO-HD into the surge protector, held reset for 45 seconds, and reconfigured it through the website interface.



                      It now works.  That said, this is the second issue I have had with the Sling power transformer, and after searching around apparently I am not the only one.  Why does the Sling Catcher and the PRO-HD have the exact same transformer, but yet one states it cannot be used with the HD-PRO and the other says nothing to that affect?  Why would they have the same specifications?


                      Fortunately, the specs, and the femae end connector are generic enough where I can purchase a third party transformer with much tighter tolerances from Radio Shack or elsewhere.  Although I would like the past 45 minutes of my life back...