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    No network connecties


      How do I get my Slinbox repared? The networkconnection is broken. I've replaced The networkcable, but still no connection. The led doesn't light up.

      It worked all fine for about a year.

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          Mine too.  Better hope it's under 1 year so you can extend for $49.95.  Otherwise $149.  Mine is less than 6 months old.  Waiting on eternal hold right now!

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              chakkarinen Apprentice

              It could well be that you have a defective power supply, rather than a completely defective Slingbox.   If your SB is still under warranty, then the Slingbox folks will replace the power supply for free.   Otherwise, you can purchase a replace 5-volt, 4-amp power supply from several third party sources, as well as from Sling Media directly.   I purchased my backup power supplies from bgmicro.com for about $10 each.

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              shawna1978 Newbie

              Hello olivierboehlen,


                 Thank you for participating in the Slingbox Answers Forum. I am sorry that you are expierincing this issue. I would recommend that you call us at      877-467-5464 and there will be an agent here that will be happy to assist you.


              Hope this helps,


              Sling Moderation Team