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    No Video on Slingbox Solo?


      My Slingbox Solo has worked perfectly for the past four years.  Last week it suddenly stopped sending video to all my devices; IPhone, IPad, IMac, and laptop.  They all get audio, but no video.  The remote control functions all work, and I get video on the TV that the Slingbox is connected to.  I was not at home when this happened.  The Slingbox was working in the morning, but when I went to use it at night, it had stopped sending video.  Since no one was at home, nothing changed on the setup.  Also, I have a Slingcatcher at another location.  I checked that this week and I get the message "Unable to connect to the Slingbox due to a network error".  I have read all the articles, suggestions to fix the problem, and performed the recommended steps.  Nothing has worked.  I've disconnected everything and reconnected.  What do i do now?