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    please help


      Ive had this slingbox tuner for years, i dont remember it being so complicated to install. I've used it the first year and boxed it up for years now. I've recently decided to use it now and im having issues. im trying to install to another laptop bc i dont have the original anymore. I've set everything up it doesnt seem like i have a sling player yet but i cant get to installing it. how do i set up a remote access to my account?

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          im trying to set up as if i got this brand new. how do i edit my account where i can change my network/ip addy . really how do i get this to work?

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              ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

              Hi Levi2,



              I think I can get you squared away.  You should do a hard reset on your Slingbox, that'll restore it to factory defaults just like it was when you first bought it.  Next, you need to run the Setup Assistant so you can get it configured.  Finally, you'll need the Player software to watch it.



              Have a look here for instructions on performing a hard reset:




              There are two ways now to run Setup Assistant: On the web and with the full SlingPlayer program on your computer.


              - Web Setup: Go to http://setup.slingbox.com.  You'll need to be on the same home network that the Slingbox is on, and it only works on Windows comptuters.


              - SlingPlayer Program: This works on Mac and Windows computers and is probably how you did it the first time.  You can download fresh copies of SlingPlayer here...


              Mac v1.0.10.272       Windows v2.0.4




              - The full SlingPlayer program will connect to the Slingbox and let you watch.  You can also watch on the web at http://watch.slingbox.com from a compatible Mac or Windows computer.  The website has all the details.


              This isn't an either/or situation, you can use both the SlingPlayer program and the Web Player whenever you want.  Just not at the same time.




              Setting up remote viewing is handled in the Setup Assistant along with Slingbox configuration.  You might need to make an addition to your router's port forwarding rules, but that's normally handled by the Setup Assistant as well.  First, get your Tuner set up and working at home.  If you need more help, post back and we'll see if we can get you up and running from there.



              Hope this helps,



              - Az