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    Virgin V+ box


      Can you get full V+ box functionality (eg set advance programme recording) with a Solo box? The remote that goes with the V+ box is not listed.

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hey Knutsfordian,


          Thanks for using our answers forum! I'm sorry to hear that you're set top box isn't available. Did you look up the manufacturer in the drop down menu through setup on Slingbox.com? I believe the "Virgin V+" boxes are made by either Scientific-Atlanta or Samsung. So, for example, if you have a Scientific-Atlanta Explorer 8300DVB or a Samsung SMT-H3110, you will either want to select the correct model or a similar model under the corresponding manufacturer. If the specific model isn't in the list, a similar model should generate a compatible remote (by the same manufacturer).


          For additional information, here's an article from our support page titled: SlingPlayer displays the incorrect onscreen remote control. How do I fix that?, that should offer some assistance with this issue as well.


          Hope this Helps.




          The Sling Media Moderation Team