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    Watch Slingbox 350 on Windows?

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      Everything used to work fine.  I can still watch my slingbox 350 on android phone & tablet, and Roku 2.


      Newwatch.slingbox.com on Windows 7 Professional 32-bit now supplies endless error messages when trying to watch.  Downloaded newest, rebooted, no change.  Downloaded desktop program and it does exactly the same thing.  In fact, to escape either must use Task Manager to stop the sling processes.


      I downloaded the Slingplayer2 desktop program and it executes, but requests a slingbox password which does not exist.  Community seems to show that the slingbox 350 is no longer usable with either Windows desktop program, but not really definitive answer.


      This all started when I tried to use newwatch on XP computer; was advised to download Slingplayer2 but it asked for a password.  So then I tried my Win7 machine and discovered that I could no longer watch on it.


      Is there an actual answer here?