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    No video with composite


      Followed instructions to the letter.


      Connected the red/white audio cables and the red/blue/green (composite) video cables to the Slingbox "IN" (bottom row).


      When I am setting up through the software it attempts to display the video but I only see a black box when the video should be. I can hear the audio, there's delay. But never get a picture so just for the heck of it, I pulled the red/blue/green cables out and connected a component yellow and I get the video. But the software is also warning me that the video will only be displayed in SD, if I want to see it in HD then to use the red/blue/green cable.


      But wait, I did that and it wouldn't show any video.


      I cannot get the red/blue/green to display anything (yes I tried a different cable).


      Am I stuck with this low quality SD?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Possibly, although first you need to get your terminology correct.    The Yellow wire is Composite (SD) and the Red/Blue/Green wires are component (HD).


          The most likely reason for the lack of video is HDCP (Google it).    To test it, I assume you are using an HDMI cable from the cable/satellite box to the TV ?  If so, throw it away and feed the TV from the component (red/green/blue) OUT on the Slingbox.

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            SlingSupportCynthia Novice



            There are three possibilities as to why you are not getting any video, but do get sound. The first and simplest is that you could be setting up your Slingbox to the wrong source. If you are choosing composite (yellow) during the setup, you will not get any video if you are using components (red, blue, and green).


            The second possibility could be due to the resolution on your cable box. Only certain resolutions are compatible and can be fixed by switching to a different resolution.


            Lastly, you could be experiencing a form of copyright protection if the above did not resolve your issue. The links below provide more information. Hope this helps!



            Thank you,


            Sling Media Moderation Team