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    Slingbox Pro with new Airport Extreme router directly wired: setup doesn't find it


      I have reset the Slingbox supposedly to factory settings (following the video instructions here: http://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-1000038.html) , but the Slingbox.com setup utility STILL does not find it, even though both power and network lights are on solid.  I'm sure there is some Airport Extreme setting I need to change (like a static IP address or port forwarding), but I cannot find ANYWHERE that outlines the specific Airport Extreme settings that are needed to find this thing.  The Slingbox Pro is connected directly to the new Airport Extreme router via a tested ethernet cable.  I am running a Macbook Pro, so any links to steps using Windows are worthless to me.


      Can someone please tell me what specific Airport settings to change?  Thanks.