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    Change Guest Password?


      What is easy or best way for NewB  to change an existing Guest Password for SlingBox Solo. I originally set it up as administrator of the account but now need to change only the Guest PW..

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          beckifields Novice

          Hello ronhimself,


          Thanks for reaching out to us in the land of the forums.  You can change the guest password at any time, as long as you are doing it on the home network...just like you did when you set the device up originally.  We have included a link that will show you how to do this.


          How to create a Sling Account and Slingbox password for guests



          Hope this helps,


          The Slingbox Moderation Team

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              Thank you for your help - but - it seems to me that the procedure you pointed me to on that page, will add a password for another (a 2nd) guest. Is that correct, or does entering a new Guest PW erase, and over write, the previous guest password. Perhaps there a limit of one guest passwords at a time being set up. I sort of got the impression that the SlingBox reset button would have to be pressed in order to get rid of the first Guest Password. Is this true? Again - thanks for your reply!

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                  Ump25 Newbie

                  I'm having the same problem, and every time I ask about it, I get the same, standard, unhelpful response--how to set up a guest account. I already know how to do that. I'm looking to find out how to change a guest account's View Only password.