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    why is quality so poor on ipad compared to my computer?


      I just recently bought the slingplayer app fro my ipad, however I am extremely disappointed by the quality which on the same network, produces a far inferior quality to the picture on my computer.


      On the ipad (new ipad), the only quality option that seems to work is SQ.  when i try Auto (which one would assume optimises the video with regards to the bb speed)..it just constantly buffers..start...stop...start...stop(.  the only quality that works is sq...and the picture is very pixelated.


      When I then view the same slingbox from my computer (which is connected to the same network as the ipad) - the picture is far better, without any buffering.


      Is this just  poor app...or are there settings I can change to replicate the pc quality on my Ipad.


      welcome any help..as at the moment this looks like $30 wasted....