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    Second Slingbox and Slingplayer


      This may be answered somewhere in this forum if so, please direct me there. I searched and did not come up with an answer. I have had a Slingbox for a a couple of years and watch it on my iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. I currently have DirecTV, and it has been working great. It is set up on the box in the Kitchen (not the DVR). This week, I bought a second Slingbox to set up on the DVR. I can't always used the *DVR* box, because someone else watches that, but decided I wanted to use that one when no one else is using it.


      Question: apparently the second box is set up OK, as it appears in my account online and I can watch either box on my computer. It automatically assigned 5002 as the port on the second box. But I cannot get the second box to show up on SlingPlayer on my iPadso I can choose that box. Am I missing something obvious? Is there something additional I need to do to SlingPlayer?

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          Hello pams,


          Thanks for reaching out to us. We are happy to assist.  When you have two boxes, and are using one router, you have to make sure that both are using a separate port.  This of course is what allows the Slingbox to view remotely.  You mentioned that the device automatically went to 5002.  We actually have a few other ports that we can switch too. ie: 5001, 8080, 443.  It is possible that the first Slingbox is already set to port 5002.  It might be as simple as going in and changing out the ports.


          Below we have included a link tha will show you how to set up portforwarding on your router:


          How to use the Slingbox Network Setup Assistant to help configure your router



          Hope this helps:


          The Slingbox Moderation Team