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    One of the worst products I've ever purchased...


      I've purchased two sling boxes... A standard about 2 years ago and then an HD about a year ago.


      It did what it was supposed to... but everything else about it was terrible...


      Setting it up was a big hassle. The day I bought it, I called for tech help and they required me to do some really unecessary stuff to verify that I bought the device. I know they do this because they want to charge people for help.


      Anyways, I barely used the HD version, but just found that a year after paying $300 and $30 for the app on my phone, the power supply is burnt out. I definetley did not get my moneys worth. I understand that devices burn out, but not after a year. That is ridiculous and cheap. This company is not providing a fair trade of service and should be exposed for the terrible business that they are.


      And the picture quality was horrible too. Slingbox = Scam. Thanks for robbing me.