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    Must my TV be plugged in?


      I am trying to view my home TV while away over the internet.  Before leaving home, to protect my TV from lightning surges, I unplugged the TV.  My setup is that the input cable feeds the DVR.  The DVR output goes to the TV via an HDMI cable.  The Slingbox is connected to the DVR via the HD component cables.


      Since my cable connects to the DVR and the DVR connects to the Slingbox, I thought that the TV need not have power for the Slingbox to work properly, but now over the internet I get audio but no video.  Instead, I get a "Display Incompatible"  and "Code - HDCP - 019".


      Is this caused by my having no power to the TV or something else?


      I am connected to the internet by a SlingLink.  Might my problem be due to a temporary power failure - so that the Slingbox and the SlingLink were not powered up in the right order to synch up?


      Any ideas how I can fix the problem while being 2000 miles from home?