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    Can't connect to or setup my slingbox...


      Last week everything was fine. I was able to view with my sling solo!


      Right now network light is blinking.


      I have a 100 MBit Internet Connection witch is fast and works great.


      I am not able to connect or to setup the slinbox solo - I restarted router, slingbox, did a reset on router and slingbox.

      Only thing I noticed is, that the Slingbox Info on Slinbox website is not correct.

      I got a new public IP from my Servce Provider (red below)



      Slingbox Info

      Slingbox Name: XXXXX


      Slingbox ID: XXXXXXXXX

      Slingbox Software Version: 2.1.250

      Internet Viewing

      Set Up Complete: Yes

      Slingbox Public IP Address: 95.89.128.XXX

      Slingbox Private IP Address:

      Slingbox Port: 5001

      Slingbox Access Info



      Activation Date: 05-02-2010

      Date Last Accessed: 05-06-2012


      What can I do?
      Does it help if i turn slingbox from power for a couple of hours?