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    Can the sling player turn off my laptop?


      My sling player has been working fine for a couple of years but in the past month, on several ocassions. has shown an error message whilst playing, too quick to read, before quickly exiting the player and turning off the PC immediately.


      On all ocassions it has happened when not plugged in to the power supply but on all ocassions the battery was not dead. On all times before today I was able to turn the laptop back on by pressing the on button with no problems. However today it happened and it took a (worryingly) long time and a system repair to get the computer up and running again.


      Has anyone else had this and, if so, know how I can recitify this. I am now scared to even use the sling player on my PC.


      It does not turn itself off right away but usually after 20-30 minutes.


      I do not think there is a problem with the player per se as I can watch it plugged in to the mains and there are no problems with the player on my iphone.


      I would guess it is reacting with something on the PC


      Any ideas anyone? Is there an upgrade or file I can download to repair it? Would unistalling and reinstalling the player help?