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    telnet connection?


      I can't connect to my slingbox remotely by any means, but i know it is powered on, and connected to my router as the router reports the address.  The sling box was working a month ago, but on its own ceased to function.  I have exhausted all options aside from physically visiting the house (which is not possible at this time).


      Also, the original port number I set it up with (5002) has been magically changed to 5114 for no apparent reason, though the IP address and other settings seems normal.  The Sling website reports these settings, I can't tell directly since I cannot connect with the slingbox set up assistant.


      I have a second box at home so I am well acquianted with settings and such, so there is no user error.   Currently I am using my older sling pro.  The one that is not working is sling HD.


      Enhancement request:


      In any event, like my routers, I would like to see additional means to enter the sling box, to do simple things, or even complex things.  I suggest a simple telnet interface added to the firmware software.  For example here are some things I'd like to be able to do:


      1) reboot

      2) reset to factory

      3) query network settings

      4) manually configure network settings


      Any one of these things would restore connectivity for me, but I don't know if it is possilbe to do any of them outside of the slingbox assistant.


      if there is another alternative for some other backdoor, I would liek that too if it can accomplish the same things.


      I can log on to a local PC host on my remote lan and query the slingbox, but currently the slingbox software doesn't find it on my network, even though my router reports it is connected.  A simple telnet interface onthe LAN side would enable me to reset/reboot as needed without being present.