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    Comcast to DirecTV--Solo Won't Connect

    smudgeyjoe Newbie

      I just switched from Comcast to CenturyLink\DirecTV.  I reset my Slingbox. The connection light is on on my Slingbox, but the Slingbox Setup Assistant can't find my Slingbox.  It shows it in my Directory, but when I try to connect, it cannot find it. I am assuming that, in spite of resetting, there is still faulty information in my Slingbox settings, but the app won't let me go into them until I make a connection, and I am not able to.  My internet is working fine on everything else except my Slingbox.  Please help.  With grandkids to entertain, grandpa, too, I need this to work.  It was working fine before the change.

      Thanks in advance for any advice!!!!

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          smudgeyjoe Newbie

          I have printed and followed the Hard Reset instructions perfectly, both lights are solid red, not flashing, and still unable to get the SetUp app to see my Slingbox.  It is a different internet provider with a different IP address

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              tangoklw Apprentice

              Hi Bruce,


              Is your Slingbox connected directly to your router when you try to configure it?




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                  smudgeyjoe Newbie

                  Thank you so much for responding quickly, Karen. I am watching my 3rd and 5th Grade grandsons, so I only just saw it. I have an Ethernet cable connected from my Slingbox 15 ft. under my house, up through the floor in my computer room, into the back of my Airport Extreme router. Overall, I have an Actiontek Q1000 modem\router switched to being just a modem, connected with Ethernet to my Airport Extreme, and then connect by Ethernet to my iMac.  I have tried the hard reset, and held the reset button in long enought to see all the behavioral markers, but when I access the Slingbox Setup Assistant, it doesn't see my Slingbox. )-:

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                      shawna1978 Newbie

                      Hi smudgeyjoe,


                           Thank you for participating in the Slingbox Answers Forum. I have attached a link below that I hope will be helpful in finding a resolution to your issue.


                          How to connect your Slingbox to your wireless network using an Apple AirPort Express.



                         Hope this helps,


                        The Sling Moderation Team

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                          smudgeyjoe Newbie

                          From what I read here, connecting wirelessly, even with a SlingLink, is fitful. I already have it hard wired to my Airport Extreme. Resetting my router might not work and would necessitate re-setting up everything else now connected to the Extreme, if I return it to defaults.  Considering that this was working fine a month ago, it seems unlikely that the Ethernet cable would suddenly stop working at the same exact time I changed providers. It seems a lot more likely that the info from using it with Comcast, which was, to CenturyLink,, has not been altered even though I have done numerous hard resets. As a retired teacher on a pension, that 30$ fee for tech support is steeper than I can afford. I'm not angry, just need help (-:

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                              smudgeyjoe Newbie

                              I am disgruntled, but it is not about the Slingbox quality, but the inability to get help. The Slingbox worked wonderfully and then wouldn't interface with my new DSL modem from CenturyLink. While your Support model is similar to Apple's, I can go to the Apple Store and ask questions. I don't have to pay for it. If I go on their forums looking for help, I will get lots of responses. At Slingbox, there is no one to talk to, and when I ask a question on your forum, I get two responses 5 days ago, and no follow up even though I responded back. I Googled Sling Support and you know what I found. Please step up and help me. Please Please Pretty Please. I will even provide the cherries (-:

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                                  tangoklw Apprentice

                                  Hi smudgypie,


                                  I did some research and found some information that might be helpful:


                                  Most of these types of issues seem to be related to firmware not matching up. So I would make sure your firmware is up to date on the Slingbox and your Airport Extreme. If it still doesn't work, try this procedure:


                                  1) Open the Airport Utility (Go-Applications-Utilities, or Spotlight it).


                                  2) Select your Airport Extreme on the left. If you don't see it, plug your computer into the router using a wired cable.


                                  3) Go to 'Manual Setup.' (in the menu, click BASE STATION-MANUAL SETUP, or APPLE-L). Five icons will appear at the top.


                                  4) Click the INTERNET icon.


                                  5) Click the DHCP tab.


                                  6) Set the DHCP range to 192.168.


                                  7) Click the ADVANCED icon.


                                  8) Click the Port Mapping tab.


                                  9) Add a new entry (+ button) with the following options... - Public UDP Port(s): - Public TCP Port(s): 5001 - Private IP Address: <-- YOU NEED TO SET THE SLING TO THIS ADDRESS ON SETUP - Private UDP Port(s): - Private TCP Port(s): 5001 Click Continue. Name the entry 'Slingbox.' Click Done.


                                  10) Click the Update button.


                                  Now all you need to do is set up the Slingbox.


                                  1) Connect an ethernet cable to the Slingbox from the Airport Extreme.


                                  2) Power cycle the Slingbox. I recommend holding down the reset button so you can start fresh. This will force the Slingbox to pull a new IP from the Airport Extreme.


                                  3) Run the Slingbox Setup Assistant.


                                  4) You should see a video feed!


                                  5) Under the ROUTER CONFIGURATION section, make sure you do NOT opt for the automatic UPnP. This crashed the setup app. Choose Manual [advanced].


                                  6) Under the Manual Network Setup... - IP address: - Subnet mask: - Default gateway:


                                  7) Port Setting - Use port number: 5001


                                  8) Copy the SlingID it gives you. Jot it down if you want to connect from a machine outside the network. This should wrap it up. Now you can run the SlingPlayer and add your box using your SlingID.


                                  I hope this helps!



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                            Yes and it works in home now, next step is to see if will work at another location. No clue on how to configure the Airport Extreme. Doesn't seem to have a logical dropdown pick for port forwarding! Maybe it will just work?