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      I have not yet purchased the slingbox.  Once I set it up, if I can then control my TV from my IPad, even though I am in another city, can I also connect my IPad to another TV and then watch programs saved from my home TV?  Does that make sense????

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          Hello  jssclu07,

          Thanks for reaching to us in the forums.


          If we understand correctly you are asking about how the functionality of a Slingbox works. We are happy to help!


          You are totally on the right track. The Slingbox is designed to allow Internet viewing from afar.  So for instance if you had the Slingbox set up at home, then when you are away from home, you can watch your home TV using our SlingPlayer that is available for computers, tablets, and phones.


          Most people actually have their DVR/ Cablebox set up so they can watch their recorded programs.  The cool thing is that then when they are away from home either on vacation across the city or a business trip across the world, you can watch your TV and even programs that you have recorded on your DVR.


          Here is neat video that explains a little more:





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