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    Slingbox Pro HD - not getting power? Faulty?


      I bought a Slingbox Pro HD exactly 2 months ago. For the last week, I am getting error messages when I try to connect from both laptops and my iPad saying to make sure my Slingbox is connected to the internet or wireless network. I think it is not receiving power or is just shutting down right away. When sitting idle, there are no lights lit up. If I unplug it, the power light and the Slingbox bridge lights turn solid for about 5 seconds (network light never turns on) and then all lights turn off and it is completely unresponsive from there. Should I try restoring to original factory settings and resetting up? Not sure if it will stay on long enough for me to do that. I assume it is still under warranty, but would just want the "at home" fix if it's something I can do. Any idea what would have caused this? I will post a video of exactly what is happening in about a half hour when it gets done processing in Vimeo.