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    view vs. admin password


      What is the difference between the two?  And where do I set them?  The account setup page lets me change my password, but I have no idea which one I am changing.


      Thank you.



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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi John,



          Here's the lowdown on View and Admin passwords:


          - These are hardware passwords for your Slingbox.  They are not associated with your Sling Account.


          - You choose them in the Setup Assistant during initial configuration, or after a hard reset of your Slingbox.


          - Both passwords allow a SlingPlayer (full desktop version or web player) to watch your Slingbox.


          - Only the Admin password can reconfigure the Slingbox.  Changes to your video source(s), network details and hardware passwords require this.


          - While both passwords allow a Player to watch, the admin password takes priority.  In short, only one person can watch at a time and Admin can kick View off the Slingbox.  Admin can also kick itself off the Slingbox, consider that if you choose to share it with anyone.



          If you are working with your account setup page, you are likely not changing the hardware View and Admin passwords, you're changing your Sling Account password.  Any password that is associated with an email login is probably your Sling Account.



          As far as I know, the only way to fiddle with your hardware passwords is explicitly in the Setup Assistant...


          - Web based: setup.slingbox.com


          - Inside SlingPlayer program: Edit Slingbox properties via Slingbox Directory




          Hope this helps,


          - Az