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    Unable to complete SOLO setup


      Bought a second hand Slingbox Solo and I am having problems getting through the setup process.


      The unit powers up fine. I reset it to factory settings and am running the wizard on slingbox.com. I get to the detection screen and I can see video play, but it suddenly stops and I get the "Your slingbox has been disconnected because of a poor internet connection" message.


      The slingbox is connected directly to my Dlink DIR825 router using an ethernet cable that is known good.


      If I ping the IP of the slingbox, I get continuous replies UNTIL it starts to stream video. Once the video streaming starts, the pings will stop after a few seconds. Sometimes it lasts 5 or 10, sometimes 30, but it always stops pinging and the network light on the slingbox goes out briefly. The pings will start working again after a few more seconds, then continue without a problem and will not stop if I don't try to stream video. This means the connection between the slingbox and the router is working properly.


      The issue seems to be that the box can't handle the added processing of the streaming and it drops the network connection. I can see the link light on my router turning OFF when the slingbox stops pinging (and when the network light on the slingbox goes out).


      Is this a power supply problem?