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    Why do you delete my question?


      Why do you delete my question?

      The Japanese official website has been recycling and replacement of the slingbox pro hd hardware exception.



      I ask you: in the Box bought by the United States has a similar hardware exception? What was being done to improve the countermeasures?

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          Hello huangwenj,

          Thanks for contacting us here in the Forums.


          We do apologize that your not able to find your original question. We do not actually delete our posts.  We will move them into a proper category if we feel it needs to be moved.  Just take a quick look at the forum rules if you get a chance:


          Slingbox Answers Forum Help and House Rules




          In regard to your Slingbox PRO-HD, if you are having any issues with the device not powering on.  Our apologies for the frustration. We stand by our products, and we want to help out. If anySlingbox users are having hardware of power issues of any kind, simply call us!  The agents may have you perform some basic troubleshooting steps on the phone, but if it's determined you have a Slingbox or PSU that needs to be replaced, we'll replace it.

          If you're in the US or Canada, the correct number to call is 877.GO.SLING (877.467.5464).


          For other goes, just use this page to find the correct contact info:

          Contact Sling Media



          Best Wishes,

          The Sling Box Moderation Team