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      Hi All,


      I have call Slingbox Tech support. I am not getting anywhere. 


      Currently, I have 2 slingbox register in the slingbox.com account.  I have a CISCO PIX firewall 525 IOS version Version 8.0(4)28.  I have set up all NAT and Access-List to allow Slingbox coming back.  At this time, the internet setup for the slingbox is able to register out to the slingbox site.


      When I go to slingbox.com and login to my account and click on watch TV. The site having issue locating the box.


      I have run a capture on my outside interface of the firewall.  I am not getting anything.


      I have an AT&T router outside the network. I have allowed all applications on the router.


      I have also allowed on the PIX firewall all IP coming the outside interface.


      Can someone tell me what else I missing?