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    HDS-600RS Set-up




      I received my HDS-600RS and am having problems setting it up.


      The box is plugged in and receiving TV and BBC iPlayer - so the box itself has an internet connection and is assigned the IP


      I can ping the box from my laptop (my laptop is on, gateway is


      I can see the box as an attached device in my router interface.


      I have disabled windows firewall.


      I have added the mac address of the box to my 'approved list' (although I think this is only used for wireless - but thought it wouldnt hurt)


      The wizard will not progress beyond attempting 'to locate your slingbox on the network'


      I have tried it in IE8, Chrome and Firefox.


      Any advice?

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          jamesmccourt Novice



          Do Not use the Wizard- you don't need it with that. Leave it all connected an do a factory reset which is under 'settings' accessible by pressing the Sling U button on the remote.


          Follow the on TV instructions and the HDS will do the rest. It configures it all automatically.


          Use port forwarding on your router if it's blocking the HDS. The default port it uses is 5101 not 5001 like other old Slingboxes.


          Good luck!!