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    Every 20 minutes transmission is interrupted


      I am terribly sorry to meddle in this discussion, since I haven't the faintest idea how to solve the problem - I just cannot find out how to access the forum and  ask my own - rather simple - question.

      My Slingbox PRO is installed in Copenhagen (Denmark), and I am living in France. Picture quality of the TV programmes are not excellent, but it works.

      However - every 20 minutes transmission is interrupted, and I am told that the connection is not good. Will I try again - yes or no? Yes. I try again, programme comes back for another 20 minutes, and then ...

      I know the internet connection is not very good in my little French village, but why should I be reminded every 20 minutes when the transmission is otherwise ok?

      Kind regards, and sorry again for interrupting,

      Jorn Rossing Jensen

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          It sounds like its buffering and re-connecting because of the poor Internet.  We upgraded our internet to the fastest available with FIOS and we never have an issue.  However when we are on "normal" internet it buffers all the time. Upgrade if you can if not then I think you are stuck with the messages.