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    Watch problem on Slingbox.com for Mac and iPhone




      1. I have a problem to watch TV through slingbox.com for MAC


      Sometimes I can't watch web TV through google chrome or safari browser on MAC

      It will show this message as below:

        There's a problem connecting to your Slingbox. Please try again. Do you want to retry?

         Does anyone to meet this problem?

         It seems google chrome fail rate higher than safari.



      But It works perfect on windows with IE. I also never seen this issue on SlingPlayer for Mac Desktop Software .I think slingbox need to fix this issue.


      2. another problem is slingplayer on HQ  video quality


      I have a iphone with slingplayer. I found video and audio will froze on HQ mode.

      SQ mode is work fine.

      My upload bandwidth is 3M . It should be OK for slingbox due to works fine on MAC.

      This picture  bandwidth is show 2936kbps.


      4 dot.JPG

      I have 4 green dots.It should be works fine

      So, I am very confuse on this problem. Does any one can help this?