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    Please help: Slingbox "HD Connect Cable" Question


      I recently upgraded to an HD TV and HD Cablebox. Now I recieve a video screen while viewing my slingbox saying "The Set-top's HDMI port requires an HDCP-Compatible TV input. Please switch to a compatible tv input or do not use the set top's HDMI port. If your TV's input supports HDCP, the HDMI cable may be at fault."

      CODE HDCP-019


      In the past I have been connected from my cable box to slingbox via both composite and S-video cables and worked properly before upgrading to an HD cable box


      My questions are:

      A. Does the sling box not support my new Scientific atlantic cablebox?

      B. Can I connect my slingbox via the HD input in the back of it?

                     1. If so do I need to purchase the "Slingbox HD Connect Cable"

                     2. Is there any other alternative to buying that expensive cable?

      C. If none of those options work must I upgrade to Slingbox Pro HD or higher? I really dont want to spend more on my slingbox because I cannot afford it and I was very happy with my slingbox pro in the past before I upgraded to HD Cable. I just want it to work.


      Please help.