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    DirecTV DVR HR22* Video not working unless TV on


      My Sligbox Pro-HD is workig wonderfully EXCEPT.


      The DirecTV DVR HR22 video will not show unless I turn on the TV it is connected to.  For example, from my PC, I connect to watch the DVR and I use the Sligbox provided Remote image to turn on the DVR.  It turns on and I can hear it wonderfully, but this blue square is in the screen telling me the video signal is weak.


      If I then turn on the TV - manually touching it's ON button - once it warms up and pops on - suddenly the blue box on my PC goes away and I am seeig the video image.  I can then turn the TV off and the PC continues to show the video image just fine.  It is almost like the DVR is not sending out a component signal until it senses that the TV is on.


      Some details:  The DVR connects to the TV through HDMI but my slingbox does not have HDMI, so the DVR connects to the Slingbox using component (3+5 RCA plugs).


      Many thanks for any help.