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    Both Red Lights ON - Was working, now no connection? Help!


      I've reset the router, the wifi, the Slingbox itself, turned everything on & off (even from the main power sources) - BOTH red lights are on, and solid.

      The internet connection is working.  The airport connected to the Slingbox is working (I'm using the wireless for my laptop as I type.)


      The Slingbox had been working fine up until a few days ago - now the Slingbox wont talk to the network.


      Getting error code W200 and "Connection Failed - You can't connect to the Slingbox right now.  Make sure it's set up for remote viewing, and that the network router the Slingbox is connected to has the correct Port Forwarding settings."


      We use a Mac, iPad & PC for our Slingbox, and everything is connected to the same network.  We were able to connect to the Slingbox on the Mac, iPad & PC - now nothing.


      Any thoughts?  I could really use the help - this is so frustrating!