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    No network light


      I am on holiday and have been using my Slingbox classic quite happily for over 2 weeks.


      Then, suddenly I could not connect to it one day so I asked my nieghbour to go into my house to investiogate.


      The power light on the slingbox is on BUT the network light is off. I asked him to switch off the slingbox and then switch it on again.  The network light did not flash as it normally would. I then asked him to change the ethernet cable between the slingbox and the router and reboot the slingbox. Again no network light.


      I then got him to hold down the reset button but even this didn't get the network light to flash.


      My router is on and working ok and my home PC can access the internet ok.


      Is there anything else I can get hime to try as I have run ut of ideas.


      From looking on the internet it seems like I could have a power supply problem maybe or one of the voltage dropout components could have failed. If either of these things has happened I cant really do much until I get home I guess.


      It has been really hot in the UK recently so I am wondering it this could be a comtributing factor..


      Any other ideas ?